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Want to create a bank account of time?

One that you control and can add and subtract as you want?

One that doesn't run out.......

Of hours, days, and minutes.

Time for you to actually get things done you want.

Things you love...

Things that produce.....

Things that make you happy and those you love.

You need a TIME bank.

What's a time bank?

Well, a bank account of TIME you can store to use for other things.

To run and own a Bank of Time, you do need to be a good Lord of time, ( which I talked about in my last post ).

So creating a bank is simple. It takes 3 specific actions. Plus 1 small activity...

Action #1 🕐: Use a Calendar or a Diary: BLOCK out your Sleep Time, Your Family Time, Then your work time. This is TIME BLOCKING

Action #2 🕐: Make a list of things that you LOVE to do and feel pressed for having the time to do it. PICK The top one.

Action #3 🕐: Reduce ALL activities booked in your calendar by 5 minutes at the start and 5 minutes at the end.

Activity: Now move all your appointments and time blocks together.

By now you should have at LEAST two hours of TIME in your bank

So what's this bank?

This is YOUR time now to do what you please with.........

And don't let anything interfere with it.

Especially something like doing your own bookkeeping....

That's what I do with MY time blocks.

My time BANK I choose to spend on doing things I love..

Like making candy!

What will you do with your time bank?

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