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Is Bookkeeping Sucking Up Your Time?

Do you find that TIME eludes you and you can’t get things done?

I’m Tamara and as a Bookkeeping Professional helping Real Estate Investors, I have battled with this concept on and off at times in my life, but I have finally mastered taming this beast.

Many of the Investors I work with experience this time beast and there are many things they do that suck it up.

Like doing their own bookkeeping.

And they always say they don't have enough of it.

It's hard to tame.

Let me share my strategy on how to tame this beast with you..

We only have a certain amount of time.

It is a commodity.

How we manage this and be good stewards of our time is something that we don’t often think about.

Managing others, and activities and filling our calendars and days up with STUFF.

But is being busy actually being effective in achieving our desired outcomes?

It's about becoming the Time Lord.

To be a successful Time Lord, you have to start at the beginning and learn the concepts of being a good Time Steward.

And you have to know where you are going first before you can set the activities to help you get there. Right?

You have to have a goal!

It is that simple.

You have to KNOW where you are going.

So let's take 30 seconds now to do that:

Grab a piece of paper and draw a large STAR at the top of the page.

This is your 10-year goal.

❓Where do you want to be?

❓What does life look like for you then?

❓How much revenue would you like to be bringing in each month?

❓What things do you want to DO?

Then work back to 5 years, 2 years, and 1 year.

Write it down.

Now that we have this - we can start to look at how time fits into it and map our activities towards our goals.

Mapping means that we also have to make some sacrifices for some things that we may enjoy doing.

But aren’t we inputting towards achieving milestones on the journey to where we want to be.

Every small piece of action we take every day that is 100% related to achieving our goal.

This is a small piece of action towards that long-term goal or result.

Think about it as compound interest,right? Every small piece of action we take every day to the power of time achieves massive results long term.

So, time is an investment in YOU!

So - take action today.

⭐Set your goal

⭐Put away your phone and get off social media - make some sacrifices!

⭐Map your actions each day

Make it happen!

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