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Helping Real Estate Investors to get organized, develop a cash flow plan, stay up-to-date on their financial records, and increase their profitability and fundability by customizing a bookkeeping system to their unique investment portfolio.

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Working with and investing in real estate is profitable, exciting, and very fast-paced. This industry requires professionals to have accurate up-to-date financial records in order to have continued success and see each investments/project ROI. Most real estate professionals are involved in more than one project at a time which involves a lot of receipts, notes payable, income, etc., and they have every intention of getting this information input into a bookkeeping system “later”, however with their busy schedule and many projects “later “either never comes or comes much later, making it difficult to remember which property/investment each transaction was for.

I have made it my mission to help real estate investors understand their financial position and input their financial information into a properly set up bookkeeping system in a timely manner in order to help them have a successful business and continue making sound investments.

How do I do this?

1. Set up a bookkeeping system tailored to the real estate industry and your particular needs.

2. Get all your financial records up-to-date.

3. Keep track of all income and expenses

4. Provide monthly, quarterly, and yearly reviews and financial reports.

I empathize with how challenging it can be to continue investing with the rapidly changing real estate market. I am open to assisting you right now and have made available some specific time to speak with those that require some support and direction.



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